How carefully do you check the fine print on a concrete delivery ticket? When concrete arrives at the job site, most contractors are obviously busy, so they just sign the ticket. But at a ConExpo seminar in March, Ken Hover went through a delivery ticket to “crack the code,” revealing what all those numbers mean in terms of cost and mix constituents. He will turn this talk into a feature article for the June issue of Concrete Construction.

But I got to wondering whether this side of our business is moving into the electronic era. These days when it’s easy to use a credit card practically anyplace and construction projects are beginning to go paperless, are delivery tickets still printed out with a smudgy dot-matrix printer or are they beginning to move to tablet computers? The technology exists and at least a couple of companies have the whole thing linked to the truck to automatically track discharge time and send the information to concerned parties via the cloud. But is this technology being used in the field? Would you want to have this all electronically, or do you still like the feel of paper in your hand? And if all you’re seeing is the driver’s iPad, how easy will it be to check the ticket before signing?