At first glance, it just doesn't seem to make sense that materials as fragile paper and masking tape could be turned into helpful tools for working with a building material as heavy as concrete. And yet various types of ordinary "Scotch" brand paper tape have been put to use in concrete construction work. The ways in which tape has been used demonstrates that with a little ingenuity concrete builders can find any number of new jobs for an old product. Practical experiences with uses of ordinary paper and masking tape in concrete construction seem so far to add up to three important advantages: tapes can be used to seal the edges of paper cartons employed to create structural voids, thus strengthening them against the danger of collapse from wet concrete; tapes can be used to mask finished concrete surfaces, thus protecting them from splashing when pouring fresh concrete; tapes can be used to construct two colored concrete floors, since the masking application prevents one color form bleeding into the other. Other advantages of tape are tape itself is inexpensive and easy to apply in construction problems. It also can become an important tool for eliminating the high cost of labor and time required by ordinary techniques for meeting these same problems.