One of the focal points for professional training and development for the concrete construction industry is the Educational Services Department of the Portland Cement Association. In fact, on September 19 of this year, 24 students assembled at PCA'S headquarters and research center at Skokie, Illinois, to begin the 100th session of the Association's Personnel Training Course (PTC). Whenever possible, the classroom sessions are augmented by substantial laboratory demonstration and hands-on participation by the students, thus maintaining a healthy balance between theory and practice. The programs are determinedly down to earth, and participants can see practical results when they apply to their jobs the techniques learned in the classroom. Trainers approach problems as real-life situations without the extraneous theory likely to occur in traditional academic environments. In addition to the technical content, emphasis is placed on sound management principles, market development, promotion, technical service, development of communication skills, management of time and effective interpersonal relationships in a business environment. Training in the latter basic skills relies heavily on role-playing experiences and self-evaluation by means of such modern techniques as closed-circuit TV.