As more Europeans become auto owners old roads become increasingly inadequate. Today every European country has its road modernization program and U. S. influence and thinking is very much apparent both in the technical and economic aspects. One such example is the Savines Bridge in France. The Savines Bridge in France is remarkable for its length of over half a mile. The construction and placing were by the balanced cantilever method, with mobile cantilever scaffolding used to carry the formwork for the box beam. Cantilevers are balanced on each pier to form a symmetrical T; each span then consists of two cantilever arms jointed at the middle point. The joint is formed by a steel ball-and-socket arrangement. The steel scaffolding used to support the beam forms totally surrounded the beam, with a tall section extending back about 25 feet. This tall ran on track on top of the beam an incorporated a 35 ton counterweight to offset the weight of fresh concrete in the forms.