The 18th annual survey conducted by the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association of the industry it represents shows that 1,076 companies in the United States and Canada produced 57.8 million cubic yards of ready mixed concrete valued at 873 million in 1968. The average production of each of the companies was 53,696 cubic yards. These figures represent those companies (20 percent) which responded to questionnaires sent to the 5,300 companies on the records of the NRMCA. The responding companies accounted for 32 percent of the total ready mixed concrete produced in 1968. Among the facts and figures included in the survey are: the average value per cubic yard of ready mixed concrete in 1968 increased to 15.12 dollars from 14.58 per cubic yard in 1967; during 1968, 241 million barrels, or 60.6 percent, of the total portland cement produced was shipped to ready mixed concrete producers, according to the US Bureau of Mines; the average wholesale and retail prices per cubic yard of ready mixed concrete, assuming a mix of 5 sacks of cement per cubic yard, rose to 15.23 dollars and 16.20 dollars in 1968; of the responding companies, 390 reported they produced lightweight concrete totaling 1.78 million cubic yards; an analysis of the ready mixed concrete markets for the years 1964 through 1968 appears in a table found in the article; and the extent to which ready mixed concrete producers are engaged in closely related industries was also reported.