In March 1995, Blake Construction Co. Inc., San Diego, learned that it needed to create 33 reinforced-concrete raker beams for a 13,000-seat, single-tier arena that's part of the San Diego State University Student Activity Center. To accomplish its task by March 1996, the company used two self-spanning steel forms supplied by Symons Corp., Des Plaines, Ill., to build the arena's 105-foot-long, 2-foot-wide, 9-foot-deep raker beams. TWENTY-THOUSAND-POUND REBAR CAGES AND 55,000-POUND FORMS Since site constraints precluded the use of conventional forming techniques, the following plan was used for each raker beam: Workers assembled a 20,000-pound rebar cage on the ground, lifted the cage onto columns, and then enclosed it within a single 55,000-pound self-spanning steel form. Poured as a single unit, each raker and concourse beam required 80 cubic yards of concrete. To construct the connector beams between adjacent raker beams, the company used three self-spanning steel forms with hinged doors at the soffits, allowing the formwork to be lowered into place and stripped as a single piece.