A magnesium phosphate concrete has been introduced that is said to provide a way for contractors to reduce costs and continue jobs that might otherwise be difficult to accomplish during winter. Halting of construction work can often be avoided even when the mercury hovers around zero and the finished job can be ready for use in a matter of an hour or two. Under normal working conditions this magnesium phosphate compound, when mixed with water, reportedly starts to harden in 15 minutes and forms a permanent surface that can usually be put in service in an hour. It then attains a compressive strength of more than 2000 psi in one hour and strengths of 6400 psi overnight, 7000 psi in three days and 8400 psi in 28 days. It is also said to reach the relatively high flexural strength of 800 psi in only three hours, to have survived 300 rapid freeze-thaw cycles with no apparent physical damage and to have developed a bond strength in excess of 1000 psi in pullout tests with No. 4 reinforcing bars.