U. S. contractors are finding it necessary to watch their costs more closely than ever before. To many of them differences in the cost of a single material, and the labor required to use it, can mean the difference between coming out on a job or losing money. Ready mix is an answer to at least part of this problem because costs on the job-mixed concrete often run twice as high and ready mix has only one-tenth the labor problems. The reason is that semi-skilled labor such as that usually used to mix concrete at the job sites is unreliable although this labor commands a high wage. Also, most of the workers are transient and care little about the product. The ready mix producer is not plagued with these same problems. His labor is not transient and none of it is unskilled. Also, due to repeat business, there is little to gain by cutting corners. The concrete, therefore, is of the same high quality every time. The ready mix industry has worked diligently to standardize control procedures and in general has maintained a concerted effort to improve the quality of concrete. In the final analysis, however, a product sells by its performance. In a survey done by Portland Cement 85 percent of the contractors polled said they were satisfied with ready mixed concrete.