How do you place 12 inches of bedding aggregate and 6-inch-thick concrete slab on a 1-to-1 slope? It's hard enough to compact the aggregate, let alone deposit concrete on top of the bedding and keep everything from sliding when workers place and consolidate the concrete. Martin Contractors of Birmingham, Alabama, solved the problem with a leave-in-place concrete forming product made of rib-reinforced expanded steel mesh. The product is a 27 1/2x98-inch sheet of expanded steel mesh stiffened by lengthwise V-ribs 3/4 inch high and spaced 4 inches apart.

Workers first drove steel rebar stakes into the graded slope to support #4 rebar stringers spaced 4 feet apart. Sheets of mesh, placed with their long dimension running up the slope and tied to the stringers, held aggregate in place. With the rib-reinforced expanded steel mesh in place, workers dumped aggregate from a concrete bucket into the void between slope and mesh.