Parking garages are constantly exposed to harsh weather. As a result, specialty membrane systems have been developed to protect exposed concrete surfaces. Traffic-bearing membranes form an impervious coating on a concrete surface. They consist of a two-layer system: a base coat protective barrier and a top coat protecting against traffic wear and tear. Hundreds of traffic-bearing protective membrane systems are available. Each system is designed for specific applications. The type of traffic determines the choice of membrane to use.

Before installing a membrane, ensure the concrete surface is sound. Inadequate surface preparation is the most common reason for membrane failures. Typically, water blasting, sand blasting, shotblasting, or scabbling are used to prepare the surface. Before applying the membrane, delaminations and internal cracking must be repaired and the repair material fully cured. The moisture condition of the concrete deck greatly affects how well the membrane adheres to the concrete. Several proprietary moisture meters and water vapor transmission rate estimating devices are available. Proper curing is essential or it's likely the membrane will fail quickly. Give newly applied coatings the protection they need to cure for at least the minimum recommended time.