Credit: Matt Melrose

“All reinforced concrete walls and columns should be placed with self-consolidating concrete,” said Bill Phelan, at Self-Consolidating Concrete (SCC) Today Presentation & Forum at World of Concrete. This event, sponsored by the Strategic Development Council (SDC), drew a large crowd to learn the newest developments with this important material. SDC’s goal is to increase SCC’s use to 15% by 2015. “We are well on the way,” said Phelan, who led the event with a case study of SCC use on Tower One of the World Trade Center. Professor Kamal Khayat, Missouri S&T University, then discussed the issue of formwork pressure for SCC and described the phenomenon of thixotropy that results in pressure being less than full hydrostatic even at pour rates as high as 30 feet per hour. Copies of the SCC Live presentations will soon be available on