An interesting example of h/p shell design used for the two fold purpose of providing both shelter and promotion has just been completed in Illinois. The shell was formed with adjustable tubular steel scaffolding supporting straight wood beams parallel to the edges of the shell. Chalk lines were snapped on the floor slab to locate the scaffolding. Two by 4's on the edge cross over the beams, carrying 5/8 inch plywood. Design compressive strength of the shell is 4,000 psi. Casting commenced at each support and was completed in one operation. The sequence for concrete work was as follows: one, all footings; two, foundation walls and buttress foundation; three, first floor slab, including tie beam; four, basement floor; five, shell roof and buttresses; six, flat roof; seven, exterior walks and pools. The formwork was removed after 28 days. Just two days later, the shell was exposed to gusts of wind up to 85 mph with no excessive deflection.