Plans for an addition to The Arizona Biltmore hotel in Phoenix raised a unique site-precasting challenge. Because of its proximity to the existing Frank Lloyd Wright-designed structure, the new building would have to be visually identical with the Biltmore's main architectural element, "textile block" wall construction. Wright's original concept consists of individually hand-cast concrete blocks, many with textured bas-relief patterns, hand-laid in double-wythe grouted masonry wall construction. Given today's labor and production costs, hand casting and hand laying block for the contemplated addition was out of the question. The eventual winner of the contract solved the problem by proposing to make new fiber glass form liners of the various patterns from the existing aluminum molds. These would be used to form the exterior surface of structural, site-precast concrete panels. The panels would be erected in large sections at obvious savings in both time and labor compared with hand manufacture and laying of individual block units.