Ken Hover’s two-part article (June and July issues) on what can be learned by carefully reviewing your concrete delivery tickets has generated a lot of interest. In an earlier blog, we asked about the use of electronic delivery tickets to replace the old paper versions—that also drew a lot of comments. Jay Shilstone noted that ASTM C09.40 subcommittee is looking for opinions and concerns about the use of electronic delivery tickets. Discussing electronic tickets, Jay wrote:

“A concrete delivery ticket is NOT just a receipt. It provides information that can be used to determine if the material delivered is within specification limits. Many of the items [on the ticket] relate to the specification limits. Now imagine if you had a Smart Delivery Ticket that could provide an alert if the concrete exceeded the maximum allowable age or slump or air content or total water or maximum water-cementitious ratio.

“If you are not on the jobsite when the concrete is delivered, a Smart Ticket could be emailed to you so that you could confirm compliance with the specifications as soon as the concrete is delivered. Not every job has a qualified concrete technician at the placement all the time.

“It is my opinion that an electronic delivery ticket could fulfill all the requirements of a printed one, and more besides.”

Post your comments of this issue here and we’ll publish them in an upcoming web exclusive. And to read more of Jay Shilstone's insights into concrete, check out his blog by clicking here.