The principal value of polymer impregnation is low permeability and exceptionally high strength. This may provide a remedy for the long time problem of cracked and deteriorated concrete, reduce maintenance costs, and offer long term protection and strengthening in place that other remedial measures such as waterproofing cannot. The improved durability and strength also open up new areas for use where normal concrete provides less than adequate performance. Polymer concrete compares closely with steel fiber reinforced concrete in fracture strengths. The most dramatic improvement is found in steel fiber reinforced concrete, where the ultimate strength is double that of a similar reinforced plain concrete and the fracture resistance is raised by a factor of 3 or 4. When using polymer latex as an admixture, the mixes need to lower water-cement ratio to achieve the same workability as unmodified mixes. Polymer latex retards cement paste hydration, improves adhesion between cement and the aggregate particles, and increases the energy absorption capacity of the concrete.