Clayco, a large St. Louis-based general contractor, has been on the CC100 list for years as a self-performing tilt-up specialist. In 2005, Concrete Strategies was organized as Clayco's concrete division and in March 2007 was spun off as a separate full-service concrete company.

“Clayco's goals are as a developer and general contractor,” says Concrete Strategies's president Joe Vitale. “But we have our own goals, primarily to do great concrete work, and we wanted to be able to concentrate on that. Clayco's a great client but we wanted to pursue other clients as well.”

Concrete Strategies is broadening its expertise as structural concrete contractors and even moving into doing restoration work. In an unusual move for a commercial concrete contractor, they recently bought a 300-yard-per-hour mobile concrete plant. “The central mix plant gives us a competitive advantage,” says Barclay Gebel, vice president of operations.

“We don't want to be held back,” says Vitale. “We just want to be able to go out and do great work. We spend a lot of money developing the best mixes for a job and put out the best concrete we can. We have been using cement and fly ash and slag mixes—ternary mixes—and those have worked well. This also helps with LEED points, which I think is going to be huge for everyone, although flay ash and slag are also great concrete constituents.”

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