The old axioms for any good concrete job hold twice as true for a good color job. To achieve uniform color a constant slump must be maintained and concrete must be finished at the proper time. That's the consensus of ready mix producers, contractors and finishers who worked on the driveways for the First National autobank in Oklahoma. White concrete for the job was provided simply by using white cement and white sand in the mix. The black coloring, compound used to make dark driveways for the bank, contained pigment, cement, high silica sand and a dispersing agent. Timing is most important and coloring was added after the concrete was screeded and floated, after the water had bled to the top and excess water had disappeared from the surface. Then the color was dusted on and floated into the top of the slab. Variance in slump, causing more water in parts of the concrete tan in others, will result in lack of uniformity of color. Also, dusting on the color before excess water disappears will cause a spotty color job.