As designers we have to anticipate the problems which are likely to arise with concrete during the construction process. As a result, we sometimes intentionally increase the desired concrete strength requirements far beyond the amount actually required to comply with building codes and design criteria, including capacity reduction factors. Establishing concrete strength higher than actually needed is the first step in snowballing the waste of portland cement. The specifier can help the contractor save on cement usage by writing project specifications that allow greater flexibility in the choice and use of concreting materials. In a very large percentage of the concrete used in projects constructed by the Corps of Engineers pozzolan is used in the concrete mixtures as a partial replacement of cement. Although there are exceptions, partial replacement of portland cement by a pozzolanic admixture results in concrete with approximately 15 percent less compressive strength. Ultimate strengths are about equal. For a laboratory to successfully complete trial batch proportions it is imperative that the laboratory personnel receive representative samples of all concreting materials to be used, be informed of the various quality requirements and, by all means, the method of delivery. If the specifier has given the constructor sufficient options for concreting materials as recommended above, the laboratory should explore all options so that it can obtain the most economical mixture while still complying with requirements. The biggest contribution of the supplier toward reduction of portland cement waste comes from good production control. Good production control can lessen the variations in the strength of concrete and actually make it possible for suppliers to meet specified strengths while using a smaller quantity of portland cement in a particular concrete mixture. The constructor must be responsive to all previous considerations given this concrete. He should review these trial batch mixtures to verify their usefulness. He should plan his placements with his supplier so that quality concrete will be available when and as desired.