The concrete construction industry might obtain a larger share of the total construction market if it became more competitive. It could do this simply by improving construction methods and by eliminating all unnecessary requirements in specifications that do not significantly increase quality but add materially to cost. As it now stands, reinforced concrete on the average costs about 100 dollars per cubic yard. Of this amount the concrete and reinforcement cost about 30 dollars. This leaves 70 dollars of the cost for forming, placing, curing, finishing, and overhead, including profit. It appears therefore that the biggest opportunity for reduction in concrete construction cost lies in labor saving devices and the reduction in forming costs. Large savings can result through frequent reuse of forms which can sometimes be accomplished through early strength development of the concrete through the use of high early strength cement in structural sections where temperature rise due to hydration of the cement is not a problem and it has been demonstrated that this type of cement can be safely used for the construction of high rise structures.