Location: Mukwonago, Wis.
Contractor: Turner Concrete Construction Inc., Mukwonago, Wis.

A variety of colors and textures were used to enhance and complement the look of this European-style home with a Mediterranean flair. The detailed, bordered hardscapes constructed for this home consist of a driveway, front walk, stoop, sidewalk, garage floor, and backyard patio.

The wind was of the biggest challenges in placing, the more than 300 yards of concrete, due to the project being located on the top of a hill. Extra considerations were put into the design of the mix used, and the use of surface retarder was a must.

The driveway was poured 5 inches thick, while the walks and patios were poured 4 inches thick using a six-bag, low-chert, air-entrained, concrete mix provided by the ready-mix supplier. The whole project is held together using #3 rebar installed 18 inches on center. Fibers also were used to give the entire project a secondary reinforcement. The completion time was seven weeks with a four-man crew.