Although the print version of the June issue of Concrete Construction won’t reach your mail box for a few more days, you can read it now on our web site by clicking here. One article I think you will enjoy is Ken Hover's explanation of what information you can glean from a concrete delivery ticket.

Hover is a former ACI president and is an engineering professor at Cornell University. Ken is always at the top of the list of most popular speakers at the World of Concrete and if you've ever been to one his talks you know why: He has the ability to present complex topics in a simple and fun way—better be ready to duck when he starts throwing the candy into the audience!

In this article he goes through what’s important on a concrete delivery ticket. Sounds simple enough, but he found so much to cover that we had to break the article into two parts. Part 1 covers things like set time, which mix is being delivered, and how much you’re going to pay for it. In Part 2 (watch for it in the July issue) he will cover what the information on the mix design means.

A few weeks ago we asked whether delivery tickets are paper or if they have migrated to a digital format. This drew very interesting comments from Greg Fricks and Jay Shilstone. Fricks noted that "We live and die by the ready mix delivery tickets and need the paper in hand." While Shilstone notes that, "Admittedly there is a visceral advantage to having paper tickets...however there are also advantages to electronic tickets." Read all of their comments by clicking here. The vast majority apparently are still paper, although digital tickets are coming. In the meantime, you need to give those tickets the respect they deserve!