Mastering the application of the sleeve anchor is a skill most likely learned early in the careers of those who work with concrete fasteners. Did you know that there might be several tips that will help finesse the installation of this versatile anchor? Bob Carlisle, President of Concrete Fasteners says the four tips you need to know before installing concret sleve anchors are:

  1. Expansion - Relying on the time-proven principle of expansion, the sleeve anchor works when the tightened nut pulls the cone-shaped stud end into the expander sleeve, wedging it outward to lock the anchor into the base material of concrete, brick and block materials.
  2. Length - It is necessary to do a few simple calculations when determining the length of the sleeve anchor that will be best for the job.
  3. Spacing - It might not be commonly acknowledged, but if the sleeve anchors are spaced too close to each other, their holding power may be reduced due to the interaction of forces in the material.
  4. Purchasing - Purchasing managers and contractors find buying online direct from the manufacturer makes more sense compared to going through distributors.
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