Here are several features common to concretes made with fine grades of GGBF (ground granulated blast-furnace) slag. As for all concretes, fresh and hardened properties will vary with different material combinations, job conditions, and placing practices. Some of the properties listed require higher GGBF-slag dosages than others. * Improved uniformity, workability, pumpability, and ability to be consolidated * Reduced water demand. * Better finishing properties. * Less high-range water reducer required to produce flowing concrete. * Higher compressive strengths after about 7 to 10 days. (Somewhat lower strengths at younger ages.) * Reduced permeability and less free lime (calcium hydroxide) present in concrete - characteristics that can enhance durability and reduce efflorescence. * Greater resistance to sulfate attack and other chemical environments. * Reduced alkali-silica reactivity. * Reduced rate of heat release - an important consideration for mass concrete. * Longer setting time, particularly with higher slag dosages or colder temperatures. * Ultimately, a lighter concrete color. Potential for a green or blue-green concrete color until air drying occurs.