Voided concrete decks are one way concrete is taking over a bigger share of the overall construction business. These decks are constructed by placing a series of parallel fibre tubes in the forms, surrounded by reinforcing steel, and placing concrete to a thickness no less than four inches greater than the diameter of the tubes. A case in point is a school house in Pennsylvania. Final designs for the first floor and roof did away with an originally planned 36,000 square feet of steel decking. Both decks are supported by the slab band method which utilizes a 14 by 24 inch monolithic concrete band running around the entire perimeter of the building, supported by steel columns on the perimeter; 38 additional steel columns are equally spaced in two rows lengthwise through the middle section of the building for support under the 60 foot wide span of the decks. To achieve desired workability for placement into the intricate forms, a cement dispersing agent was used to produce 6 inch slump concrete without disturbing the critical water/cement ratio or reducing the vital 3,750 psi compressive strength. By the time the project had been completed more than 6,600 cubic yards of ready mixed concrete had been used, all of it supplied from the Reading, Pennsylvania plant.