Use of volumetric mixers is increasing across the world. These versatile mobile concrete plants are efficient tools on all types of projects from repair to paving to foundations. Properly trained operators are the key to producing quality concrete.

Learn how to use them right at a new workshop during the 2016 World of Concrete. This session focuses on the basics and is geared to operators of any type of volumetric mixer. The course includes: a four-hour classroom lecture on how to properly conduct a calibration on volumetric mixers as outlined in the Standard Specification for Concrete Made by Volumetric Batching and Continuous Mixing, ASTM C 685. This will be followed by a written test based on the classwork followed by a one-hour hands-on practical exam on a volumetric mixer. (This practical activity will take place in the Gold Lot, and will be scheduled during the morning session.)

The instructor will be Dr. Feraidon Ataie, CIM Program Director at California State University – Chico.

Following the class, participants will be able to explain and demonstrate the proper calibration procedures of volumetric mixers, describe the steps required for calibration, and be able to successfully perform the procedure to the satisfaction of a qualified instructor. Students will be learn how to analyze the calibration weights and volumes to calculate a concrete mix design for the project assigned by the instructor.

Attend the Volumetric Calibration Workshop, Thursday, February 4 from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM at the World of Concrete. Sign up by registering for WOC and adding event THVMC.