White cement is actually the same as gray cement except in respect to color and fineness. It produces a concrete with perfect, true, uniform color throughout. No ingredients are added to produce white cement. Actually, all cements would be white were it not for the coloring of the raw materials. The chemical composition of white cement meets the specifications of Type I portland cement. Its physical characteristics also meet these specifications. White cement concrete has some impressive advantages in respect to both economy and appearance. Its use actually saves money in three principal ways. First of all, it doesn't require any veneer material or decorative treatment. White concrete is not only a structural but also an architectural surface. Second,; the color is integral in the concrete and will not wear down. And, finally there is virtually no maintenance on a white concrete structure. In some areas rainfall will keep it clean, and a wash job, if necessary, will make it look like new. As of now white cement is used for exterior colored stucco, terrazzo and concrete masonry. One of the greatest possibilities for white cement is in cast-in-place concrete for can offer a structural material of real and lasting beauty. The potential in this field is almost unlimited and is certainly applicable anywhere in the country.