Three reinforced concrete piers represent the interesting, functional and altogether pleasing solution worked out by a Chicago architectural firm to the problems of coping with poor bearing soil and supporting an elevated 60 foot wide vehicular roadway directly above an equally wide ground level road. The three types of piers are appropriately described by the designers as wishbones, single hour glasses, and double hour glasses. The piers were all formed with specially designed prefabricated steel panels which provided and easy means of both positioning and stripping. Even the quite complicated wishbone pier, with its two tie-beam units, it was possible to strip, move and reset forms in only three 10 hour days. An important factor in speeding the work was that the forming units were built in large components which made it possible to form the wishbone piers with only 12 major parts, while the simpler double and single hour glass piers required only four and two parts respectively.