Q.: For our pumping operations we've been using hose that is supposed to have a wear-resistant cover. Yet we've seen the hose wear out in places, sometimes after a fairly short period. Should we be looking for a different type of hose or is there something we can do to make it last longer?

A.: Wear-resistant hose doesn't resist everything. Some things to avoid are laying it against sharp objects or letting it hang over sharp corners. Such conditions may produce hose failures quickly. Kinks in the hose should be avoided; they can burst the hose after only a few cubic yards have passed through it. It is also a good idea to lay hose on plywood or other smooth material rather than directly over rebars. Then check the hose for wear daily. If a weak spot is noticed, take the hose out of service. You will avoid having it burst in the middle of a job. The hose supplier should be able to inspect and repair the hose if necessary.