Q.: In an earlier issue I read an article about contract forms for subcontractors to use in making up their one-contract terms pertaining to the work they propose to perform on a prime contractor's job. Where can I get such forms?

A.: You are undoubtedly referring to the Legal Bench Marks article "The Battle of the Forms" in the February 1980 issue, page 152. According to that article, there are two such forms. One is the American Institute of Architects form, "401 Standard Subcontract," which is available at the offices of most blueprint companies for about 40 cents each. The other is a standard subcontract form available for about the same price from the Associated General Contractors of America, 1957 E Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20006. Both forms are neutral forms designed not to give an advantage to either the prime contractor or the subcontractor.