The exterior walls of our county courthouse were well done but craze cracking detracts from their appearance. Is there any way of obscuring these cracks without doing extensive repairs or detracting from the otherwise good finish?
Normally craze cracking does not show too vividly on dry concrete but the pattern becomes accentuated when the concrete is wet. A clear acrylic lacquer applied over the surface would keep the concrete itself dry so that the cracks would be almost unnoticeable. Clear acrylic lacquers, especially those based on methyl methacrylate, have been found by the Portland Cement Association to serve well on exterior wall applications without giving enough gloss to be noticeable from a short distance away, and those methyl methacrylate lacquers tested were free of yellowing from weathering. It would be well to test the coating proposed for use on an inconspicuous part of the building.