We shall be constructing a dog kennel with concrete flooring. We would appreciate your ideas on a product for finishing it. Our biggest problem is urine odor. We do not want a slick finish because I have had problems in the past with leg injuries from slippery floors.
Concrete is not damaged by urine, so there is no need to protect it against attack. The odor problem can be taken care of by proper sloping of the concrete floor. To aid in washing down, the floor should slope to drains at the rate of approximately 1/8 to 1/4 inch per linear foot. Frequent washing of the area should control odor. Slip-resistant surfaces can be achieved by finishing techniques when the floor is cast, but it should be acknowledged that these will work against cleanliness. A light broom or swirl finish will provide slip resistance. A soft hair brush broom would provide some slip resistance without detracting too much from cleanability. The broom finish is applied after final troweling.