What items should be considered during erection?

  • Be very sure concrete strength on erection day is as specified in the details so that the inserts or panels cannot be seriously overloaded.
  • Check to see if panels are formed square. If not, make allowances in the grout pads on which they sit. Have an adequate supply of shims on hand (masonite strips are good) for squaring. Grout pads should be formed well in advance of erection day and adequately cured.
  • All plumbing and electrical conduits must be boxed out so they won't interfere with the crane.
  • Crane operator should exercise great care when walking around braced panels and when extending outriggers around braced panels. A panel could be pulled down if care is not taken.
  • Particular care must be exercised by the crane operator when setting corner panels.
  • Avoid erection of panels during or immediately following a heavy rain. Excess water around a panel can cause a suction and thus add to the crane and insert loads.
  • If panels are wedged free prior to erection, be sure wedges are inserted along an insert line in order to avoid overstressing the concrete panel.