We were surprised at the letter from Mr. Leon Burch in your October issue suggesting that American contractors have trouble placing welded wire at the correct level in concrete. For over 15 years, New Zealand concrete layers have been using a simple plastic bar chair, available in various sizes, which allows the welded wire reinforcement to be placed one third down from the concrete slab surface.

Here in New Zealand we acknowledge and marvel at some of the great scientific and technical developments that have been pioneered by Americans, and we find it hard to believe that they do not know how to place welded wire reinforcement. For those contractors who have not been placing welded wire correctly, all is not lost. Regarding concrete reinforcing, refer to an article by Cesar Klamco, chief structural engineer, Panama Canal Commission, that is available by sending a message to info@anchorwire.co.nz.

L. Russell Anchor Wire Auckland, New Zealand