A parking lot has a considerable amount of random cracking, and the owner would like to seal the cracks. They will have to be widened somehow to receive the sealant, but a saw would not be able to follow their abrupt meanderings. How can the cracks be widened, and how deep should they be cut?
They can be cut with a small scabbler consisting of a power tool mounted on a carriage that has two pneumatic-tire wheels. Such a scabbler has a single vertical shaft with tungsten carbide bits on its bottom end. This scabbler can be pushed and steered across the pavement to cause the rotating tool to follow a crack and cut it to the desired depth. In order to get the best performance from the sealant that will later be installed the crack depth should be about one-half the width of the widened crack. If the crack is cut deeper a filler should be put in the bottom before the sealant is applied so that the final ratio of the width of the sealant to its depth is about 2 to 1.