Besides using a satisfactory air content in concrete what else will help minimize damage to flatwork from application of deicer salts?

American Concrete Institute Committees recommend:

  • Use good quality concrete materials passing ASTM specifications.
  • Make concrete of not less than 3500 psi design strength and of adequate cement content, depending on aggregate size:
  • Maximum size ofaggregate, inches

    Cement, pounds

    per cubic yard

    1 1/2










    (Committee 302)

  • Use a water-cement ratio not higher than 0.50 (Committee 211).
  • Use a slump that is minimum for placement conditions and not more than 4 inches (Committee 302).
  • Consolidate the concrete adequately (Committees 201 and 302).
  • Do not overwork the concrete (Committee 302).
  • Cure the concrete adequately and provide any protection needed against low temperatures while curing (Committees 201 and 302).
  • Do not apply deicers until concrete has had at least 6 weeks of temperatures above 40° F (Committee 201), has dried out and has preferably been through one winter (Committee 302).
  • If greater than normal protection is needed (as on slabs placed in the autumn and subjected to deicer application the first winter), apply a suitable sealer such as boiled linseed oil (Committees 201 and 302).