Q. Are there any published results of studies showing that superplasticized high-slump concrete increases jobsite productivity?

A. We know of one case in which a homebuilder placed slabs on grade using both 4- to 6-inch-slump concrete without an admixture and 8- to 10-inch-slump concrete with a superplasticizer. Labor-time studies showed the latter resulted in a 54% savings in chute time, 39% savings in placing time, and a 20% savings in screeding time. Combined savings for all operations through bull floating were 33%. The authors of an article on this study concluded that using the flowing concrete would allow the contractor to place more slabs per day, or the same number of slabs per day with a reduced crew size.


Michael Zummo and Robert L. Henry, "Use of High-Range Water-Reducing Admixtures (Superplasticizers) in Residential Concrete," Concrete International, February 1982, pp. 31-35.