Q.: Specifications for a food factory floor call for 15,000 linear feet of sawed joints 1/8 inch wide and 1 1/2 inch deep and another 5000 linear feet of joints 3/16 inch wide and 1 inch deep. They also require a radius at the top of the saw cuts. How can this be done?

A.: The radius requirement is highly unusual and unless there is some overriding good reason, we would recommend against it. If there is to be hard-wheel traffic on the floor the radius could contribute to spalling. If the joint is to be sealed, the radius would create an undesirable angle at the upper edge of the bonded surface, leading to sealant failure.

We do not know how a true radius could be readily produced by sawing. If absolutely necessary, the edge could be beveled by using V-shaped grinding tools, but it might not be possible to keep them from wandering without great expense.