We are considering the use of fiberglass reinforced plastic forms on a job, but we are worried about how to make special sizes or adjust the shape where necessary. Must all of this be done by the manufacturer?
Forms can be cut with ordinary carpenters' tools such as a hand power saw or drilled with a power drill. Where it is necessary to join two pieces, build up a modified shape or make repairs, the work can be done with repair kits that can be supplied by the form manufacturer or an automotive supply house. The techniques are the same as used in automobile body repair work, and if work is done with care the final surfaces will be continuous and smooth. Balsa wood is useful as backing for making up curved shapes. This is supplied in small blocks about 2 inches square glued side by side to a cloth fabric to provide a flexible, though discontinuous, surface. This sheet can be bent to fit the necessary curve and sprayed with fiberglass reinforced plastic. The technique is useful for building up compound curvatures without making a heavy form.