Q: Do you have any suggestions for removing rubber tire marks from precast concrete pavers?

A: We asked Norm Gill from Tennant Co. to answer your question. He recommends using a citrus-based alkaline cleaner (Tennant 9960 Severe Soilage Neutral Floor Cleaner is one such product), and says to spray the concentrated cleaner on the surface and allow it to soak the tire marks for 15 minutes. Use a mechanical floor scrubber to remove the marks.

Solvents may also remove the marks, but many of these products are considered to be hazardous materials and they will leach into the soil at paver joints. Disposal of excess solvent also is a problem. Citrus alkaline cleaners aren't hazardous and, in most locations, they can safely be washed into a sewer.

Readers Respond:

Reader Don Backstrom of Backstrom Curb & Sidewalk Inc. told us about another inexpensive way to remove tire marks and many other stains from concrete. He uses Simple Green, a nontoxic, biodegradable, environmentally safe cleaner available at most hardware and department stores.