Epoxy injection is a proven technique for bonding cracked concrete sections. A successful epoxy injection requires evaluation, preparation, and planning. Before beginning epoxy injection repairs, identify the cause, or causes, of the problem. Also, be sure that epoxy injection is a proper repair method. Epoxy injection is one element of structural repair, but may only be part of the solution.

If cracking is addressed before secondary damage occurs, epoxy injection usually will be successful. After cracked slabs are bonded and a monolithic section is restored, the section probably will be more durable, since water and other chemicals won't penetrate the slab as easily.

ACI 224.1R describes epoxy injection as a six-step procedure:

  1. Clean the cracks.
  2. Seal surfaces.
  3. Install entry ports.
  4. Mix the epoxy.
  5. Inject the epoxy.
  6. Remove the surface seal.