Back in 1939 the New York World's Fair heralded the Concrete Age. Concrete has come a long way since those pre-World War II days, when almost all concrete was uncolored. Today color is part and parcel of concrete. Color can be integrated into many projects and used for a wide variety of purposes. A recently opened bridge in Colorado constructed in a reddish tint received an award of excellence from the Rocky Mountain District of the Portland Cement Association for unique and imaginative use of colored concrete. On the private dwelling level, every homeowner should experience the pleasure of a little color in the concrete. Black concrete in garage or carport floors and driveways hides unsightly oil spots. Pastel shades used in sidewalks reduced sun glare. Although demand for colored concrete is increasing, the surface hasn't even been scratched. There is much work for the concrete industry to do in helping to beautify our country. There is a profit to be made in this field too.