Mid America Potato Company processes potatoes for fast food service restaurants throughout the Midwest. Within less than a year and a half after erecting a new food plant in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the concrete floors in the freezer room and in the frier area had deteriorated badly. A coatings application company undertook repair of the floor. The first step in the repair operation was to blast the floor with high pressure water and detergent. All remaining surface concrete was chipped off with air hammers. The floor was than rinsed, treated with muriatic acid, rinsed again, and dried with propane burners. To rebuild the floor, a penetrating coat was applied that contained two parts by volume of an epoxy resin and three parts by volume of xylene. A total of five gallons was used on the 200 square foot area. An epoxy tack coat was then applied at the rate of one gallon of epoxy resin per 150 square feet of surface area.