When Zera Construction began in 1957, a cubic yard of concrete cost approximately $12; today a basic mix is $70 to $80. In 1980, when Zera Construction started structural concrete repair work, means and methods were in their infancy. Epoxies and various bagged products were specified in lieu of ready-mixed concrete. Specifiers seemed to believe that the more exotic the material used, the better the result. But that was not the case, and many of these repairs failed in a very short time. Now, there has been a return to reliable, simple concrete mixes with w/c ratios of 0.40 and superplasticizers to improve workability and consolidation.

We've seen a return to the basics with bonding agents, too. Epoxies and latexes were used exclusively for many years to bond patch materials. Today, we find that a mix of sand, cement, and water grout brushed into the area to receive the repair material works best. Much has changed since our company began fifty years ago, and yet some of the basics still stand us in good stead.

—Alex Zera

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