The International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI) has developed a new Certification Program based on industry demand and code language for those interested in becoming a repair technician and inspector for the performance of concrete surface repairs.

“The demand for employees with the skills this program will provide has risen significantly and is only increasing,” said Keith Harrison, president of ICRI. “Training and development of new and knowledgeable certified repair technicians has become a need, not simply a desire. ICRI has run with the idea of a program that will aid the growing demand for technicians and discipline those interested in the industry.”

ICRI’s Concrete Surface Repair Technician (CSRT) Certification Program will offer enrollees the ability to become professionally qualified as a concrete surface repair inspector through a two-tier program, including training modules and exams, all for one registration price.

It is a competency-based program using current best practices for online training and evaluation. The educational component is presented and tested online while the performance component is tested both online and assessed by observable criteria (video submission or live recorded).

Inside this program, ICRI offers a two-tier certification process. Tier 1 was designed for those not regularly engaged with concrete surface repair while Tier 2 was created for those who seek full certification, typically having a goal of professional work in mind.

Both tiers require participation in five online training modules, with each module incorporating education, training, and questions. Tier 2 full certification applicants are also required to take an online knowledge exam and perform each of the four ASTM tests included in the program, either through a video recording submission or live at ICRI on-site locations (now available).

Tier 1: applicants have an active interest in learning more about the inspection and tests, are introduced to types of concrete deterioration, understand the requirements for a quality concrete surface repair, are aware of repair materials and methods, and are qualified to perform pre and post-placement inspections and testing.

Tier 2: applicants are those who seek full certification through module training, an online knowledge exam, and correctly demonstrating each of the four ASTM tests.

For more information, visit the certification program’s website,