How long after a floor repair patch is made can a vinyl covering be applied?
The general rule of thumb is to let concrete dry one month for each inch of slab thickness before applying a floor covering. Consult the floor covering manufacturer for more specific concrete moisture content or relative humidity requirements and the manner in which each should be tested. For new construction, applying floor coverings 6 months after a 6-inch-thick slab has been placed may be acceptable. But waiting 2 months on a repair job until a 2-inch-thick partial-depth slab patch has dried sufficiently may be unacceptable. Generally, the owner wants the repair to be done quickly, and that includes replacing the floor covering. If the concrete hasn't dried to an acceptable moisture content or relative humidity level, you can continue waiting, add fans to accelerate drying, use desiccant drying, seal the concrete surface to reduce moisture emission, or use a floor covering that's suitable for a higher moisture content. Although it's usually not economical to dry out a floor during new construction, smaller patches sometimes lend themselves to easier and more economical accelerated drying. A number of products are claimed by manufacturers to stop or limit moisture emission from concrete slabs. When using any type of sealer product, make a test section on your patch to determine the reduction in moisture emission rate. It's best to get the floor covering installer involved to make sure he will provide a warranty for the completed work. Also, check with the floor covering manufacturer to determine compatibility between the concrete slab sealer and the floor covering adhesive.