Major repair projects often exceed budget by up to 500%. You can avoid such a situation if you determine repair requirements and costs systematically and logically, and closely monitor the work.

Large cost overruns occur when the work needed is far more extensive than the engineer anticipated, the bid quantities are underestimated, or there is inadequate oversight during construction.

To arrive at a good estimate you have to start by defining the most likely causes of defects and then considering a number of factors that might affect the ultimate extent and cost of the repair.

That the solution to cost overruns is better estimates may sound simplistic, but that's really what it amounts to.

Cost overruns are all too common on concrete repair projects. The solution is to provide better estimates and inspection oversight during construction. Sound judgment by the field inspector is critical; by systematically comparing the initial repair estimate with the actual repairs, the inspector can rapidly refine judgment. An automated process helps achieve the systematic accounting that is necessary. On repair projects, there will always be some unexpected conditions that can lead to cost overruns, but a logical and systematic approach can lead to much better estimates.