Positive repair of sewer line leaks can be done without excavation by a new system, one that utilities a sleeve packer and a flexible polymeric grout. The design of the sleeve packer enables exacting placement of the grouting material in sewer line joints so that nonexcessive material is left in the barrel of the pipe after grouting and the diameter of the pipe remains essentially the same. Furthermore, the sleeve packer and hose configuration enables testing of each sewer line joint before and after grouting. The elastomeric grout, designed for the purpose, comes in liquid form in about the same viscosity as medium weight motor oil. It is mixed with equal parts of water by the truck or trailer mounted equipment and the grout is fed directly into the grouting system from the shipping container, thus eliminating mixing and preformulation problems. The cured material does not dry out, crack or crumble but remains resilient even when exposed to extended wet and dry cycles. The grouting system can be quickly incorporated into present sewer line maintenance programs with a minimum of training time required for efficient operation.