Step by step instructions on one way to repair a concrete wall pock-marked with miscellaneous imperfections. First, remove loose concrete; cut back tie rods that appear too close to the surface. Second, an abrasive stone is used to level projections and smooth out the surface. Third, prior to patching, a brush coat of a quick setting, nonmetallic, nonshrinking patching mortar is applied to the wall to eliminate any air pockets. Fourth, the same patching mortar is applied to fill any holes in the surface. Fifth, a trowel coat of a heavy duty cementitous coating containing a liquid bonding agent mixed in with the water is applied to the wall surface. The workman forces the coating into all pres and voids. The trowel coat is relatively thin. In most cases it does not exceed one-eighth of an inch in thickness. Sixth, after coating has set, the surface is floated.