Your July 2005 news story “U.S. Cement Shortage Dire” indicates that the AGC has urged intervention to remove barriers to Mexican cement. I offer a solution that is simple, cost-effective, and meets sustainability goals: Invest in the restoration of existing properties whenever possible and understand that these restorations can become vibrant, cost-effective showplaces within our cities that protect our heritage, while also answering in small part our supply and demand deficiencies for cement. Through thoughtful and judicious use of existing finishes, such as by densifying and polishing existing concrete floors, we can all meet today's and tomorrow's needs. Save our cement for where it is structurally needed, not just where someone thinks that new is always better. We all need to do a better job of preserving our diminishing resources and minimizing the effect on our environment.

— Peter Wagner, Marketing Director, RetroPlate System