Does anyone ever build residences or other small buildings by tilt-up methods? If so, where can I get information about how this can be done without using heavy equipment?
The most up-to-date information we know on this subject is in a book by Paul Juhnke, "Twice as Good '72." The author has included plans, specifications and drawings on an 11-inch by 17-inch page size for a 26-foot by 56-foot three-bedroom home with a number of alternative arrangements. The size of the house could easily be expanded. Panel layouts, lifting techniques and plumbing and electrical layouts are included. Costs should be greatly reduced by the use of tilt-up for small homes. CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION has obtained a supply of Mr. Juhnke's book, which can be ordered by using the coupon found on page 321 of this issue. Some of the first work on tilt-up was done on small farm buildings in the 1940's and the recommendations resulting from this are given in "Tilt-up for Agricultural Buildings," available from the Portland Cement Association.